Glacier Snow Foam



Glacier is a PH Neutral snowvfoam formulated to produce a thick coat of foam over your car to help drag and break down dirt safely. Being PH neutral, the foam is wax and LSP safe yet effective. Glacier is very effective as part of your pre wash stage and will help make your wash safe. Use Glacier with a foam lance and pressure washer or through a foamer pump.
Product Features:
  • PH Neutral
  • Wax & LSP Safe
  • Concentrated Formula
  • High Foaming
  1. - Place 50-100ml into your lance bottle.
  2. - Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water.
  3. - Cover the whole vehicle in Glacier until it is covered
  4. - Allow to dwell for approx 5 mins
  5. - Finally pressure wash off for fantastic results.


Trusted Car Products Rated 8/10