Fuel Fest UK

Fuel Fest UK

With a jaw dropping sponsor showcases, live over-the-top entertainment, and of course, an incredible display of cars, FuelFest will take you back to the moment you first laid eyes on your favourite "piece of art”. We want you to leave saying, “I can’t wait for next year!" Bringing a small piece of " Fast & Furious " and Paul's love for Cars and the community that surrounds it. With some of the biggest and badest cars the UK has to offer supported by a huge entertainment list and lets not forget Tyrese and Cody Fuel Fest really was the ultimate car show.

An incredible stage line up gave that festival vibe and tunes adding to that fast and furious vibe through out the day. Not only did it boast incredible bands and DJ's but also artists such as  Exposé, a DJ set by Andy Tudor, Jessica Haas live painting , DJ Set by DMO DeeJay, and headliners King Nun!

Moving on from entertainment not only did the UK hit the show hard with what it had to offer but Fuel Fest delivered by bringing along actual movie cars helping share and show us all something we have longed to see. Fast and Furious cars in the UK within arms reach.

We had the pleasure of spending the day talking to like minded enthusiasts about what we love and supplying some quality products to keep everyones pride and joy looking its best. The overall show vibe was immense with a different feel to a normal show and not just owners walking and talking friends families kids all enjoying a special day. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the stand to have a chat and make a purchase it was a pleasure to meet and serve you all.

As part of expanding our media coverage we had fully planed to do a vlog on the show however as your reading this it was so busy pictures had to do so as we promised coverage we thought we share a brief blog. Huge shout out to Fuel Fest for putting on an insane day and we are super excited for 2020!


If you missed it be sure to pre book for next year.Cody Walker’s FuelFest brings passion for the automotive world with celebrities, music, and art. The show features top custom, exotic, rare, and exclusive cars from all over the world! Fans are treated to an unforgettable experience as the show is timed alongside the London filming of Fast & Furious 9 and will have appearances from franchise favorites! The exclusive VIP Lounge is complete with a red carpet entrance, complimentary craft food & drinks, photos, lounge seating, and giveaways.

If you have a desire to meet some celebs or your hero tickets could be purchased for the VIP section giving people a chance to meet Cody , Tyrese and more.

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